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Carpet Cleaning in Anchorage and Eagle River

Your carpet: It seems one day it’s clean, fresh, new, then life happens. Friends, family, pets, the painting crew you hired to paint the living room, they all track dirt unknowingly into your home. As time goes on, naturally, your carpets look tired, dirty, worn down, spotted and could smell musty, too.

If these scenarios feel too familiar, don’t worry! Our professional carpet-cleaning experts at Warren & Son Carpet Cleaning can have your carpets looking new and refreshed!

Combine our seasoned experts, who have experience cleaning every type of carpet and rug out there, with our advanced cleaning equipment, and your carpets will have a new life in no time. We can extract dirt, debris, stains and smells from deep within your carpet’s fibers. And we keep Mother Nature in mind by using environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning methods and products that are safe for the whole family, including pets.

Speaking of pets, if you have a new family member who did some damage during the potty training phase, make sure to inquire about our extensive pet accident removal service.

Plain and simple, we bring your dull, worn carpets back to vibrant life!

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